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From knife crime to coronavirus, we believe Jesus cares and better yet, Jesus speaks. With over a hundred youth sessions, activities and videos downloadable on our website, we’re an organisation passionate about seeing young people find their true identity in Christ and be all that God created them to be.

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Touching on topics rarely discussed by youth bodies, ImAVessel looks at issues of knife crime, mental health, fear and anxiety and much more.

Series titles include:

  • FAQ’s (Unpacking life’s big issues)
  • Opp Block (Youth Crime & Prejudice)
  • Think Eternal (Matters of the mind)
  • Cancel Culture (Grace & Forgiveness)
  • It Is Written (Understanding the Bible)
  • Thirst Trap (Sex and Relationships)

Online Workshops

Providing guidance and tips alongside the very best in their field, whilst giving young people from low income households the opportunity to create their first song and music video.

Sessions from our arts workshop includes:

  • Media Journalism 
  • Things to remember when writing a Song 
  • How to get your music on Spotify 
  • Production workshop 
young people hear that they are loved and have something to offer when they meet our teams through online courses, social media and resources each year.

For too many young people, Christianity is seen as their parents religion, or a thing that their grandparents do. We’re passionate about engaging young people wherever they are on the faith spectrum, showing that Jesus is not removed from matters facing the world today, but rather the Bible has something to say about all of it and nothing surprises God.

We believe in providing safe places for young people to express themselves freely with no fear of judgement or rebuke. No question is silly, no thought is outlandish.

Built on Bible verse 2 Tim 2:20-21 we believe that all young people have something to offer, that all young people are special and loved by God, and our work is centered around getting them to believe this too. We set out to answer questions pertaining to youth culture from a biblical perspective giving guidance and tools to dedicated youth workers on the ground across the UK, invested in seeing transformative change among our youth.

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