Opp Block

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‘Opp’ is UK slang for opposition or enemy, the phrase ‘Opp Block’ is slang for where one’s enemies live or reside. With knife crime and mental health issues on the rise in the UK (up 7% in England & Wales, 2019) we wanted to get a biblical perspective on issues affecting young people today. Over seven sessions, this devotional series will cover revenge, forgiveness, how to treat our enemies and much more. Each session is interactive, with sections of teaching, discussion time and personal reflection. By the end of it, we hope you will have the confidence to take what you have heard and apply it to your life. Enjoy!

Christ is my shade on a hot summer's day

Recognising God as our protector

What to do when you see a Pagan

Uncovering the damage that can be caused by impulsive behaviour

Am I spending too much time on my phone?

Choosing to follow God's voice in the age of social media

God made me this way!

Appreciating the things that make us unique

How to maintain a positive self image on the days we feel insecure

How discovering your identity in Christ can help drown out negative thoughts

Trust Issues and Christ

Learning to trust God after facing disappointments in relationships

How many times can I forgive before it becomes a violation?

Understanding the Biblical concept of forgiveness and what it means for us today.